Short Tall Tales

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The River Junction Writers debut their first collection of previously-published and never-before-seen short stories and novel excerpts in Short Tall Tales. From the jungle coasts of Vietnam to the villages of New England, explore the worlds of military pilots and race car drivers, of alcoholics and outcasts, of partners, husbands, wives and widowers, of love lost and love gained, all told through the varied voices of our club.

Ups and downs, humor and tragedy are all found here. As in the real world, the lives of the people portrayed in these pieces of fiction don’t always go as desired or planned, but as in the real world, they do find a way forward to face their futures with resolution, with new-found wisdom, and with hope for future days.

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The Tales

Below are brief synopses of some of the stories in this vibrant collection.

Tala’s Garden

Judith Janoo’s brilliant tale of love and family, tradition, world travels and a shocking clash of cultures has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

Particularly relevant within the social and political climates of today, Tala’s story is one not to be missed.


Chris Collins takes us on a scary ride over the jungles of Vietnam during wartime, dodging imaginary gunfire and rookie pilots firing real missiles.

Just when we thought we were safe, he takes us on an even scarier trip through the jungles of romance gone awry.

Down at the Blues

This moving tale by Virginia Ramus explores small-town life in rural Pennsylvania.

The folks who frequent a small bar at the edge of town come to life in a moving narrative of aging and youth, convoluted family relationships, and love and sacrifice.


The college-boy pranksters in this tale by S.J. Cahill may not be precisely what they seem…

Lost love and fractured family provide an evocative backdrop for this whimsical chronicle laced with dry New England humor.


When is a friend not a friend? And when is it smart to walk away from a dare?

Lis Barfield explores the complexities of life in the modern world in her evocative novel excerpt, a tale of arrogance and insecurity, false camaraderie and subtle malice, fear, and the power of courage.

Velocity Girls

Women take center stage in a male-dominated arena in this novel excerpt by Alison Hine.

Skill, commitment, engineering savvy, and a willingness to penetrate the elusive and baffling world of commerce and finance—along with a dash of romance—all play a part in this fast-moving tale of female power and grace.

And there’s more. Much more…

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